Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Busy Drinkin'

Okay, so that happened. A wild, wonderful, superfun Labor Day Weekend!

I should be hung over, but I'm not. Either my tolerance went way up in a hurry - and long weekends do tend to do that, post-cleanse or not - or grappa is a cure for hangovers because after two glasses of wine with my dinner last night, the waiter brought our bill with two nice shots of Limoncello. I stared at my glass and thought. "Hell, you don't need this, Ms. Functional. You're feelin' fine."

But then my hubby and I smiled at each other, picked up the shots and down they went. Yum-maaayyy! It was Socrates who said "Everything in moderation. Nothing in excess." But Mark Twain dusted that one off and made it a little more agreeable. "All things in moderation, including moderation."

But here's the rub: if I drink that much at dinner, I don't have more when I come home. Unless I really want to party - and pay for it in the morning. I really can STOP DRINKING when I want to. Something that I had so, soooo much trouble with before I started cleansing. Something I could only dream of doing. Back then, I couldn't go to sleep unless a glass was empty. Maybe even the bottle.

But this weekend, even in party mode, at least once I went to bed leaving some Cab Sauvignon in my glass. "I don't need that," I told myself. And I knew I didn't, so I left it for the hubs.

Last night I said to the grappa, "I don't need that," too. But last night, I went for it. Because I can ... and I'm so grateful for that. Especially with this happy new theory that grappa cures hangovers. Huh.

NTS: get in massive amounts of limoncello.

Kidding. But it does make the bill go down a lot easier.

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