Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 28 - Hallelujah!

Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba babababababa bababaaaa, bababababaabbababababababaaaa babaaaah!

Hummed to Beethoven's "Ninth Symphony" - the final movement, 'Ode to Joy.' :)

It is the last day of my cleanse. It is here. It is blessed. It is joyful. It is a perfect late-summer morning ... and I feel happy, excited and proud of myself.

In the spirit of making cleansing a workable part of your life, if you have to break a cleanse on the 27th or 28th day for a very special occasion, go ahead. But make sure it's a good reason and not just an excuse to break down early. And again, be careful how much you drink.

Yesterday we ran one of the most wonderful errands of a cleanse. And it's a great thing to do just before you finish yours: we went to the liquor store to stock up! The muzak actually found me dancing by myself in the vintages section: Jackson 5's "ABC" - easy as one, two, three ... Seriously, there was no dancing the last time I was in a liquor store, about a month ago, just before the cleanse began. A much more somber mood overtook me that day. It felt sort of like casket shopping for a sick relative. Kidding. Totally. Just saying it was a lot more fun yesterday. ;) And, yes, now is the time to take out the wine glasses and put that favorite bottle of chardonnay or pinot to chill on the fridge door.

Last night, the hubs and I took a long walk for dinner, about half an hour through the university campus to a vegetarian restaurant we've been meaning to try. It was such a lovely, quiet Sunday evening, perfect for a long walk. Students are just coming back for the year and computer screens glowed behind Victorian windows. Clusters of them sat on porches in the dark, half-hidden by lush trees, the murmur of their voices warm and soft in the night.

We sat outside on the patio, on a leafy street, a few couples at the other tables. The place isn't licensed for alcohol - a definite plus when you're cleansing - but I had a lovely sparkling orange-cranberry drink from a company called Bottle Green Drinks. It was absolutely delicious and I would've loved to discover it earlier in the cleanse. Or any time, really. It was snappy and crisp/sweet and a great accompaniment to my meal, which I won't describe because it tasted a lot yummier than it sounds. Suffice it to say, it was gray.

Ba ba ba bababababa bababababa baba bahhhhh ... :)

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