Saturday, August 28, 2010

DAY 26 - So-so Friday

Yesterday was the last Friday of the cleanse. Sort of a "Good Friday," actually. Next Friday will be a "Great Friday." ;)

There are other things I do besides reading and watching movies during cleanses.

This time around, I patched up the chipped plaster around our bedroom door. This plaster has been chipped for two years now - ever since my last bad, angry, blackout drunk. Because the hubs and I fought so much I went to bed in such a rage, I had to slam - and I mean atomic slam - the bedroom door while screaming: "Fucking control freak!" or something like that. I'm not sure. I blacked out. I just know I woke up the next morning knowing it had been bad.

But I know what I did wrong and I'll tell you before the cleanse is over. For now, suffice to say, be VERY, VERY, V-E-R-Y careful not to have too many drinks in the days you're just coming off the cleanse. And I learned an incredible lesson from it.

Anyway, it was really rewarding to fix that door. I'm convinced now that if there are ever any chips around it, it'll be from the wind.

I also put in pretty shelf liner under the kitchen sink this cleanse. Last cleanse I did the balcony windows. I was hoping to get to them again this month, but the weather was just waaaay too hot to be out there.

If you think about it, and plan for it, there are tons of things you can get done around the house while you're cleansing. Whether that's gardening, painting, fixing, mending, cleaning, wiping, polishing, watering, patching. It'll make time pass and give you a really nice sense of accomplishment when the cleanse is done.

There's a frenetic energy that comes with drinking. It's fun, it's nice, it's normal, and as long as you're not overdoing it, it's perfectly healthy.

But on a cleanse, there is an open quality to your mind, your heart and your time. Savor it. Enjoy it. Sink into it. Get things done. It's an incredible journey ... and it will be over before you know it.