Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 21 - Last Week!

Ahhh ... the sheer bliss of being this far into a cleanse. The feeling of accomplishment. The excitement. The relief. It's almost over ... :)

I recently read - on the A.A. exam, no less - that if you can quit drinking on your own, you're not an alcoholic. So I can quit drinking - twice a year - on my own. I guess I'm not an alcoholic.

But what of my answers 7 years ago to that alcoholism quiz set up by the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence? That put me squarely in the early to mid stages of alcoholism. But if I can quit on my own, A.A. says I'm not an alcoholic? Even though 85% of all alcoholics who manage to quit do so on their own without medical supervision or any other programs? Are all those people answering 'yes' to being alcoholics NOT actually alcoholics?

Another popular test - the CAGE questionnaire published in 1970 by Dr. John A. Ewing - has only four questions. According to that one, I USED to be an alcoholic - but I'm not anymore. In fact, I used to be an alcoholic according to ALL the tests I've seen.

But today, I'm not. Sooooo ... is this working? I say it is.

Let's be honest: it's in the best interest of A.A. - and addiction therapies of all kinds - to convince you that you need them to kick drinking. You walk into a used car lot, you're not going to find a salesperson who says, "Hey, you should start cycling. It's so good for your heart."

By the way, found the most informative - and often hilarious - blog called They been knocking the wind out of the addiction industry's sails for years now. Visit them if you haven't already.

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