Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 17 - For the Children

I've been busy working - much inspiration. If you cleanse, you'll find you have so much more focus for work, for creative pursuits, for hobbies. For your family!

I imagine if my mother had been able to cut out drinking even for two months a year, my life would have been much different. Not only would I have appreciated her trying to do something positive about her problem, but she would've been "there" for me more. Rather than always having to split her attention between my little brother and I, and her addiction. Which only escalated over the years because she never gave her system a chance to rally back.

I've gotten to the point where I forgive her. Now that I know - really know - that erratic, irresponsible behavior, bad moods, depression, hopelessness, and anger, are all aspects of alcohol addiction - and that addiction is almost an inevitable conclusion of heavy drinking - I don't blame her. I don't "wish" that things had been different. Not really.

She tried Alcoholics Anonymous, but like 95% of the people who do, she didn't last long. Maybe a couple of weeks - and then it was back to the bottle. She just didn't want to give it up. That, I can understand. But I wonder ... I just wonder ... if at some point she had this knowledge about what was happening in her brain, and a solid plan to potentially reverse the effects of it, she might have had a happier life. I wonder if we all would have.

If you have kids, regular cleanses seem to me to be a wonderful time to do those things that you've been meaning to do. Zoos, museums, play dates, amusement parks. Maybe just helping them with their homework or reading them to sleep at night. I imagine those months of absolute sobriety and the ability to focus on them more, would be an incredible gift to them - and to yourself. Hell, you could probably spend the rest of the year with a lampshade on your head and they wouldn't even care. ;)

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